Dan Clark

Leadership Expert and Professional Speaker

Dan Clark doesn’t just teach what he knows – he teaches what he’s done, who he is, what he lives – football, racing, space, fighter jets, music, movies, writing, coaching, mentoring – transforming organizations into an up-leveled culture of Significant Partner Leaders. What makes Dan unforgettable and his messages so transformational are the lessons he teaches from his incredible experiences soaring to the edge of space in a U2 Spy Plane (vision, perspective); flying fighter jets with the Air Force Thunderbirds (trusting teamwork); racing automobiles at Nurburgring & sailboats in Australia (speed, maxing potential); serving on the Olympic Committee and Carrying the Torch in the Winter Games (breaking through limited beliefs); and fighting his way back from a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career (resiliency, finding our ‘why’). As an expert in resiliency, adapting to change and strengthen teams through inclusion and diversity, Dan has turned around struggling companies and transformed last place NFL teams into Super Bowl Champions as he teaches his formula to ‘Raise Their Bar.’
Since 1982, Dan has spoken to over 6 million people, in more than 6000 audiences, in all 50 States, in 73 countries, to most of the Fortune 500, Million Dollar Round Table, NASA, and to our combat troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, Asia and Africa. Clearly Dan will take you and your organization to the next level!