Tom Telford

Business Integration

Tom Telford is the owner and Chief Strategy Officer of LÉVO – A Mind Care Company that employs mental health clinicians serving Utah community’s along the wasatch front. Tom spent 20+ years in institutional financial services with expertise in institutional asset management and executive compensation plans. In 2015, Tom and two partners sold their firm, BFB, to Arthur J. Gallagher. Tom is also the co-host of BrainStoke podcast and along with his wife, Liza Telford, LMFT, they operate Telford Holdings, LLC. An investment holding company with assets in mental healthcare, media, multi-unit housing, commercial real-estate and intellectual property. Tom is a father of 3 children and enjoys pedaling all types of bikes, skiing in the backcountry and sitting in the sun. He holds a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.